Don't worry, it's happened to all of us at some point!

We want you to pay CanIRank's subscription fees because you're excited about all the new traffic we've helped you get, or the hours of time we've saved you over your old SEO tools  not because you forgot to click the cancel link.

So if you gave CanIRank a try and for whatever reason it just didn't work out for you, but you forgot to cancel before the 7 days is up: no problem! Just drop us a note at support AT or click the New Support Ticket link on this page and we'll happily refund you the mistaken payment.

Now, because this is the internet and there's always some wise-guy trying to exploit every loophole, we unfortunately need to add that this offer applies to accounts that were unused following the trial period (though you're still covered by our Results Guarantee if you used the software but don't get results), and for accounting reasons we can only refund 30 days back, so please make sure to let us know about your mistake within 60 days of signing up (i.e., before the second month's charge goes through!).