Click on the Issues button in the "What do I need to improve...?" section of the Report, and you will get a list of specific problems in that category which may prevent your page from ranking. Each Issue is given an Importance, a Magnitude, and a Score, each on a scale of 1 to 100.

Importance: according to our ranking models, how big of a role does this Issue play in search engine rankings? In other words, does it really matter? Issues with a high importance score are very important to get right because they have a large impact on ranking performance. Those with a low score may help or hurt you a little bit, but usually aren't making much of an impact.

Magnitude: how deficient is your page in this area? In other words, do you have 100 links while the competition has an average of 102 (small magnitude), or does the competition have 500,000 links to your 100 (large magnitude)?

Score: the overall score for an Issue is a combination of the that Issue's Importance and Magnitude. Issues with high scores are the ones that we think you definitely need to fix if you want to have a shot at ranking. Those with low scores can be ignored, or worked on after you've already done everything else.

Of course, the best part about Issues is fixing them!  CanIRank makes it as easy as possible to address your website's deficiencies.  Just click on the "Fix" button and we'll generate an Action Plan with recommended Actions to help that URL become competitive for that keyword by addressing all of the Issues.