The last section of the Report, "What do you need to improve to rank better?" is designed to highlight your page's weaknesses relative to the competition. For each Ranking Factor, we show your score (the bar graph / big number) as well as the minimum score, average score, and maximum score for your competition. If your page scores better than the maximum, that's a good sign for your ranking chances. On the other hand, if your page scores below the minimum, it means that no pages are ranking with such a low score on that Factor -- a pretty good indicator that you'll need to improve that Factor if you want to be competitive.

Let's look at an example: 

This page on scores very well on Website Relevancy and Page Relevancy, about average for Page External Relevancy, Website External Relevancy, and Page Strength, and way below the minimum for Website Strength. It's clear that will have to improve their Website Strength if they want to have a shot at ranking for this keyword. Since the other scores are all in line with the competition, the owners of can focus their time and attention on improving Website Strength, and not waste time working on the categories where they already excel. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

By clicking on the Issues button, you can see specifically where this page falls short relative to the competition, and most importantly, you can generate an Action Plan to learn how to fix it.  But that's for the next article...