Short answer: each Report usually takes a couple minutes, but it could be longer if there's a big backlog or a data collection error.

Long answer: As soon as you click that big orange "Can I Rank?" button, our bots leap into action, collecting hundreds of data points not only for your website, but also for each competing website for every keyword you entered. Number of links, top anchor texts, authority scores, relevancy factors, and so on... We collect data from a number of external providers, and sometimes their APIs have issues or take a while to respond. And of course crunching all the data to make predictions takes time too. All this adds up to a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes to create each Report, which is why it sometimes takes a few minutes.

If your Report is still showing "in progress" status after a few minutes, it may be that we've hit an issue collecting data. Usually this happens when one of our data providers is down, or the URL you're analyzing is too new or too obscure to have data available. If this happens, we'll automatically keep trying to resolve the data issues for several days afterwards. If your Reports still aren't appearing, please let us know so that we can resolve the issue.