Because all of the data we pull for a website is specific to the country you select, the best way to change your target country is to delete the website group and start over. Then you will need to set up a new website with the correct "Country Preference."

Alternatively you can change your website preference in your "Account Info" as seen here but your reports will only update after the weekly refresh, not immediately.

Here are the steps:

1. Select the website you would like to change the "Country Preference" for

2. (Optional step) Click on the trash can icon next to the website > then click the "Delete" button

**WARNING - once you click the "Delete" button your changes will be permanent. You CANNOT recover a deleted website! All data, reports, and keywords will be deleted!**

This is an optional step, you do not have to delete the website group, you can also just add a new website with a different country if your account level handles more than one website and if you desire to target multiple countries. If this is the case skip steps 1-3 and head straight to step 4.

3. Upon successful deletion you will see this message appear

4. Now you need to setup your new website targeting the correct country, click the dropdown in the upper right and > click "Add a new website or country..."

5. Complete setup fully, but during step #2 of setup be sure to select the proper Country Preference