Clicking on the "My Skill" button on the Action Recommendation page reveals a box detailing your progress completing Actions, both for the current Action Plan, and across all Action Plans:

The big orange number represents your overall Skill level. As it increases, you can "level up" from Apprentice to Pro to Ninja, and so on.

So other than "quantified self" fanatics, why should anyone else care about Skill points?  Here are a couple reasons:

  1. Higher Skill levels unlocks more challenging Actions. Some Actions require a bit of familiarity with SEO vernacular or techniques. Rather than throw you right into the deep end, we use Skill level to gauge your readiness for more challenging Actions.
  2. Just like your favorite game (except twice as productive and half as fun), earning more points brings prizes, including real-world rewards like Bonus Reports, discounts on SEO-related products and services, and a 130' classic sailing yacht! 

OK, so that last one might not be true, but that's how good you'll feel when you see how much progress you're making improving your website and honing your SEO skills at the same time!