You create new Action Plans from the My Reports page or the Report page itself. Yes, this means that you need to create a Report for the keyword and URL that you want to target before you can create an Action Plan, but there are good reasons for this: looking over the Report first will help you get a good idea of where your page falls short relative to the competition, so you can make sure the work you do later is targeted where it will make the most impact. Equally importantly, running a Report first will help ensure you don't try to target a keyword that's way too competitive for your website, because there's nothing more frustrating than spending a ton of time on SEO and not seeing your ranking improve!

1. From the My Reports page:

On the My Reports page, mouseover the primary URL for the Report you created, and you'll see a list of all the URLs included in that Report, with a "Build Action Plan" link next to each URL. Click "Build Action Plan" next to the URL you'd like to use to target this keyword and CanIRank will create an Action Plan for you.

2. From the Report page:

In the "What do you need to improve...?" section, you'll find a "Build Action Plan" button next to each URL. Simply click the button and click OK in the confirmation dialogue box to build an Action Plan for that URL.

3. From the Issues section of the Report page:

Click on the Issues button to expand the list of Issues. Then click on the "Fix" button next to the Issue you'd like to address, and click "OK" in the confirmation dialogue box that pops up. CanIRank will create a complete Action Plan for that URL, and will take you directly to the Actions intended to address that Issue. (Note that you'll still have a complete Action Plan with Actions to address all of the other Issues as well, just like if you had clicked one of the "Build Action Plan" links; only the initial Action Recommendation filtering is different.)