"Groups" are a way to help keep your Reports and Action Plans organized. CanIRank automatically creates a Group for every new website that you query, based upon the website's domain name, minus the extension (.com, .net, .co.uk, etc.). All future Reports you create analyzing pages on that website will automatically be added to the website Group as well as the currently active Group. In this way, if you operate multiple websites, you can quickly see all the keywords you've analyzed for any one website, or work on Actions for any one website.

Of course you can create your own Groups as well. If your website has multiple sections, like a Blog, a Catalog, and a Services section, you can create a Group for each section and organize Reports and Actions that way. SEO Agencies may find it helpful to create a Group for each client, so they can have analysis (Reports) and tasks (Actions) readily available for any client.

Create new Groups by clicking on the big blue "Add new group" button on the New Report page or the My Reports page.

There are two ways to add a Report to a Group:

        1.  When creating the Report (on the New Report page), select the Group you'd like it to appear in from the Group menu on the left-hand side.
        2. After the Report is created, on the My Reports page select the Reports you'd like to add to a Group and click on "Add to Group...", then select the Group you'd like to add them to from the drop-down menu and click "Add". 

Remove Reports from a Group on the My Reports page, by selecting the Reports you'd like to remove and clicking the "Remove from Group" button.

Note that Action Plans are included in the same Groups as their corresponding Report, so if you'd like to add an Action Plan to a specific Group, just make sure the Report from which you generated the Action Plan is added to that Group.

To delete a Group, go the My Reports page and click on the Report you'd like to delete in the navigation on the left. Click the "Remove group" button, and double-check that the Group name in the confirmation box is the Group that you want to delete.